Advocacy Tools & Resources

Resources are compiled to support coalition advocacy by developing skills and evaluating advocacy capacity.

Tennessee General Assembly Website


The Tennessee General Assembly offers a very comprehensive website with options to find your legislators,  track legislation, watch committee meetings, keep track of the calendars, and much more.

Nonprofit Advocacy Websites


Bolder Advocacy promotes active engagement in democratic processes by giving nonprofits the confidence to advocate effectively.

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Information on advocacy principles, advocacy research, providing education, direct action campaigns, media advocacy, and responding to opposition.

Nonprofit Advocacy Documents

This publication from CADCA provides an overview of the steps associated with engaging in community mobilizing to implement environmental strategies with a particular emphasis on adopting alcohol, tobacco, and drug (ATD) policies at the community level. While there are numerous schools of thought and practice on how to engage in community mobilizing, this document presents a proven framework that incorporates the lessons from many approaches and has been successfully implemented in communities across America.

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Nonprofit Advocacy Videos

VIDEO HOW TO: Schedule Your TN Legislator Appointment

This video will help you navigate the website, find your legislators' information, and provide tips on scheduling meetings with your Representatives and Senators.

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