The Prevention Alliance advocates diligently for laws and ordinances that would prevent or reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs.

2020 Advocacy Priorities

The Advocacy Committee selects advocacy priorities yearly. These priorities are based on a survey of coalition membership so we can address issues relevant to our Tennessee communities. Once priorities are selected, the committee conducts research, creates educational resources such as white papers, summaries, and infographics.


Legislative Updates

We track legislation related to substance abuse prevention efforts in Tennessee as they go through the Tennessee General Assembly. During the legislative session, the PAT legislative report is posted weekly to keep our members up to date.

Substance Abuse Prevention Day on the Hill

PAT’s Substance Abuse Prevention Day on the Hill is an opportunity for Tennessee coalitions to build relationships and talk about substance abuse prevention. We want our legislators to know that Prevention is efficient— the sooner we address issues, the more money, lives, and resources that are saved, and the better the outcomes. We want them to know we are behind them in their efforts to provide the best environment and healthiest communities for youth, families and community members.


Advocacy Tools & Resources

Resources are compiled to support coalition advocacy by developing skills and evaluating advocacy capacity.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Work Group

Because ACEs are common and strongly related to a variety of substance misuse and related behavioral health outcomes, preventing ACES could have a significant impact on a range of critical health problems. Prevention Alliance of Tennessee has created a workgroup to develop strategies specifically geared towards coalitions to be implemented based on the local needs of their communities.

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